Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Our hours change seasonally for each shop. Please check Google for up to date listings.

Do you have dairy-free ice cream?

We make ice cream sandwiches and ice cream pints with various fruit flavors of Dole Soft Serve, which is vegan, dairy free, gluten free, lactose free, has no cholesterol and is kosher.

Can I buy just one or two mini ice cream sandwiches?

Our minis are offered in 4 of our top selling flavors, and come in packs of 15 or more.

Does your soft serve contain eggs?

Our soft serve does not contain eggs.

Do you make your own cookies, soft serve, or hard ice cream?

We are not chefs nor scientists, so we leave all the magic in the hands of the professionals, like Nestle, Coaticook, and Quebon. We use their delicious and consistent base mixes to make our own recipes and unique creations.

How can I order a cake?

You can call us to order a custom cake, or you can order on our website. We take payment in store and online.

Do you have nut-free products?

We have many items that do not contain nuts. However, we are not a nut-free environment, and there is a strong possibility that all products come in contact with peanuts and tree nuts.

How long do ice cream sandwiches last in the freezer?

Obviously, we would prefer that your ice cream sandwiches are eaten as soon as possible for the best experience. However, in their plastic packaging, our sandwiches will still be delicious for up to one month in a very cold freezer.

Do your ice cream sandwiches contain eggs, milk, nuts, or other allergens?

Many of our cookies contain some of the above allergens. We suggest the safest option to be our chocolate wafer ice cream sandwich which is made with Dole Soft Serve and is suitable for people with dairy and nut allergies, and intolerances.

Why can’t I choose what kind of ice cream goes into my ice cream sandwich?

If at any time you wish to have chocolate, vanilla, cotton candy or Baileys in any of your sandwiches, please place a custom order and we would be very happy to create them for you.